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  • BRUT ROSÉ Met.Trad. Novac
    Spumant Rosè Methode Champenoise - Prince Stirbey
    BRUT ROSÉ Met.Trad. Novac

    Spumant Rosè Methode Champenoise -  Prince Stirbey This sparkling wine is vinified of Novac grapes, vintage 2011, in the traditional method, or “Methode Champenoise”: the still wine, after having aged 6 months in oak barrels, fermented for a second time in bottles. After 26 months of aging on the lees in the bottles, we disgorged it in November 2014,...

    23,57 €
  • Cramposie Selectionata 2013 - Prince Stirbey
    Cramposie Selectionata 2013 - Prince Stirbey

    Cramposie Selectionata 2013 - Prince Stirbey Cramposia is one of the oldest grape varieties (being cultivated since the time of the Dacians) that survived the phylloxera attack in the late nineteenth century, when they lost the majority of local varieties. Is known as the Carloganca or Baldoaie in Oltenia and as the knuckle in the Dealu Mare. Cramposia...

    14,69 €
  • Feteasca Regala 2013 - Prince Stirbey
    Feteasca Regala 2013 - Prince Stirbey

    Feteasca Regala 2013 - Prince Stirbey This variety is the result of natural hybridization between the Cotnari. El Feteasca Large White x was multiplied by 1920, spread across the country, which now occupy large areas. This grape variety stems from Feteasca Neagra and Feteasca Alba, but is also related to the aromatic Grasa grape. The character of the wine...

    14,69 €
  • Negru de Dragasani 2011 - Prince Stirbey
    Negru de Dragasani 2011 - Prince Stirbey

    Negru de Dragasani 2011 - Prince Stirbey The grape of Negru de Dragasani, stemming from Negru Vartos and Babeasca Neagra, with its intense bouquet and its fresh and velvety texture, inspired us to make the first red Stirbey wine, which is not aged in wooden barrels, but bottled directly after vinification. It reflects the grape´s character, with a fresh...

    21,86 €
  • Novac 2011 - Prince Stirbey
    Novac 2011 - Prince Stirbey
    2011 NOVAC SEC

    Novac 2011 - Prince Stirbey The ancestors of this grape variety, Negru Vartos from southern Romania and Saperavi from Georgia, bond together two of Europe’s very oldest wine cultivation regions in a grape variety which first saw the light of day in Dragasani. Needful of demanding crop care in the vineyard and sophisticated processing in the cellar, these...

    21,86 €
  • Tamaioasa Romanesca Dry 2013 - Prince Stirbey
    Tamaioasa Romaneasca Dry 2013 - Prince Stirbey

    Tamaioasa Romaneasca Dry 2013 - Prince Stirbey This variety, too, bears witness to Dragasani’s more than two-thousand-year heritage of wine cultivation. It’s a member of the Near Eastern muscat grape family, presumably brought to Dragasani by early Greek and Roman settlers. In the cool loam/clay-accentuated soil of the region, this aromatic variety...

    15,20 €
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