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Amarone della Valpolicella Classico DOCG “Vigneto Monte Sant’Urbano” 2011 - Fratelli Speri

Speri Flli.Viticoltori


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Sale! Amarone della Valpolicella Doc Monte Sant’Urbano 2011 Fratelli Speri Expand

Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG "Vigneto Monte Sant'Urbano" 2011 - Fratelli Speri 

Undisputedly symbolic of the Speri company, the Amarone Monte Sant’Urbano is a superb example of a fine, classic wine. It is an extraordinary wine with great complexity and a vigorous structure which has always been top for its elegance and quality.

After carefully selecting the best bunches from the prestigious Monte Sant’Urbano vineyard, the grapes are left to dry for a long period (3-4 months depending on the vintage year).

This creates a wine with plenty of structure and softness which will certainly age well.

An important wine, of rare elegance and complex structure.

Perfect for important gastronomic occasions and ideal for ageing.


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 Amarone della Valpolicella Classico DOCG “Vigneto Monte Sant’Urbano” 2011 -  Fratelli Speri

GRAPE VARIETIES Corvina veronese and Corvinone 70%, Rondinella 25%, Molinara 5%.

VINEYARD Monte Sant’Urbano estate, in the municipality of Fumane. It extends over a surface area of 19 hectares. Situated on a hill at an altitude of 280 - 350 meters above sea level, the Monte Sant’Urbano vineyard enjoys an excellent exposure to the sun. The calcareous, clayey terrain, of volcanic origin, favors retention of moisture, preventing excessive dryness.

CULTIVATION SYSTEM Verona pergola system placed on ledges sustained by dry stone walls known as “marogne”. The vines have an average age of 25 years.
HARVEST Manual selection of the best bunches from from late September to mid- October. Drying for 100 days in fruit-drying rooms with ideal conditions in terms of temperature, humidity and ventilation. Loss of 42% of initial weight with a considerable increase in the quantity of sugar.

VINIFICATION Pressing on January with a roller crusher-destemmer. Maceration at 16°-18° C of temperature in stainless steel tanks for a period of 35 days with periodic pumping over and délestage. Separation of the skins in mid February and completion alcoholic and malolactic fermentation in 50 hl. oak barrels. Ageing in 500 l. allier oak casks for 24 months and in 20-40 hl. oak barrels for 12 months. Refinement in the bottle.


ORGANOLEPTIC CHARACTERISTICS Strong garnet red color and the ethereal bouquet of dried fruit. Full-bodied, warm, dry, all-encompassing to the palate. An important wine of rare elegance that lends itself well to aging.

DINING COMBINATIONS Excellent with strong second courses of braised red meats and game, perfect with aged cheeses. Also enjoyable at the end of a fine dinner.


Technische Daten

QualitätsstufeAmarone della Valpolicella DOCG
Alkoholgehalt15 % Vol.
Rebsorte(n)corvina veronese e corvinone 70%, rondinella 25%, molinara 5%
Artikel verkauft an VorherordinierungNo
Qualitätsstufe (generische)DOCG
Hersteller Fratelli Speri Viticoltori


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